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No matter whether you run a household, a school, a factory, a business or any other organisation in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs, a premises security audit by the professionals at Nonstop Locksmiths is essential.
Making sure you have enough of the right kinds of security measures in place to protect your home, your work and employees is of the utmost importance.

An office security assessment will check the level of threat and risk to the security of all kinds of businesses and properties that need to be protected. They tick off items on an office security checklist and review all business door and window locks.

What is Meant by a Security Audit?

All workspaces, properties and residences in Australia or anywhere in the world are open to security risks and without home and workplace security systems they are open to gain entry threats. Premises security systems are checked in security audits which are done systematically or manually. Office security doors and windows are checked and an office security key system is also assessed.

A premises security checklist and security audit for the business premises may also include assessments derived from a complete vulnerability scan, interviewing staff, a review of your operating systems or procedures and investigating the physical access to your building and the locking systems protecting it.

How Do You Pass a Business Security Audit?

To pass a security audit you should adopt a risk management strategy that is carried out annually.

By establishing a proactive culture of risk management, and carrying out a business security audit checklist you can set your organisation up for success and lessen the chances of a security breach.

Risk assessment for building security is important and households are also urged by security professionals to focus on the risk to identify and mitigate the chances of forced entry from occurring.

Premises Security Procedures

At Nonstop Locksmiths, our professional onsite locksmith will come to you and perform an entire security risk assessment on your home or business premises.

We take our security audits very seriously and we staunchly believe in using the very best equipment and technology to help keep you, your home, employees and your business safe.

For locksmith services, it’s vital to consider calling a professional locksmith company such as Nonstop Locksmiths to perform a thorough security audit of your home or business premises and provide a security risk assessment report. They can check your office door security key system as well to ensure it is up to date and current.

Business Security Door Locks

There are various office door security options, styles and office door security key system choices. Keyless access, remote central locking or keyless entry business security door locks use an electronic device to control entry and we install this type of system.

Rather than traditional keys, this system requires users to be given a keyless credential to communicate with the keyless access lock. To trigger an unlock, users must be within a defined distance of the electronic reader on the lock.

To install an office door security lock or keyless entry system, the state of the building must be considered and an office would need to be wired for electronic door locks. Where an electronic door entry system is already in place, an installer can upgrade the system using the existing wiring.

Workplace Security Risk Assessment

A workplace security risk assessment will identify any potential or real hazards in the workplace so control measures can be implemented to minimise or eliminate risks as much as possible.

Consulting workers in an office or business premises should be part of any security risk assessment. This helps to identify workplace security risks that can typically go unnoticed.

Office Security Solutions

The quality office security systems set up by Nonstop Locksmiths not only deter burglars, trespassers and vandals; they’re a valuable way of helping to detect perpetrators before they have a chance to cause serious harm to workers and the property.

Perhaps you want to add office surveillance cameras to your existing office security and safety setup? Or you might be considering the benefits of a total small office security system.

At Nonstop Locksmiths, our professionals’ design tailor-made office security systems to safeguard all of your business assets which includes your staff and yourself.

Nonstop Locksmith’s Premises security assessment

At Nonstop, we offer our customers a free residential, commercial and industrial business security assessment, survey and quote.  This professional premises security risk assessment will evaluate and solve any vulnerabilities we find.

We also provide a comprehensive, detailed report prepared by our security experts to make sure your family, premises and valuables are as safe as possible.

Master Locksmiths Association Member & Locksmiths Guild of Australia Member

Our company, Nonstop Locksmiths, is a member of the locksmith industry’s peak body, the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia (MLAA). The MLAA represents an accredited master locksmiths association member in trade, education, service, industry and legislation.

Nonstop Locksmiths is also a member of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia (LGA). The Locksmiths Guild of Australia (LGA) is an incorporated trade association for locksmiths that aims to support its members in all aspects of operating their business.

For all your 24/7 Emergency locksmith services and security system requirements for business smart door locks or a business door lock repair call Nonstop Locksmiths.

If you need business electronic door locks in the Melbourne metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs and in the southeast, either call 0418 444 166. If you need a property security checklist you can also contact our team on the website today for an immediate response by a property security consultant so we can assist you. Feel free to leave us a review.