Master Key System and Security Door Lock Replacement

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Screen doors are an important first line of defence in protecting your home or office from break-ins. At Nonstop Locksmiths, we offer genuine, durable and authentic master key systems and lock replacement service to our clients.

Whether you need a new master key system or to have your security door lock on your residential, industrial or business premises replaced, rest assured that to guarantee your security, our locksmith professionals only use top quality products and hardware.

Master Key Systems

There are many different types of master key systems in Australia. However, in general, a master key can open all the locks in a system and each lock has its own specified key which works under the master key.

This works on many different levels, e.g., in an office building where a company has several offices each needing their own key allowing them access into their office only and the one master key which opens all the offices and is held by the manager or owner, security guards and sometimes the cleaners.

The design of the master key system can include covering companies whose offices are on multi-levels of a building. In this case, a grand master key is provided for a manager or owner to gain access to all doors on all floors.  A  master key is then provided for each individual floor and on each floor, every office has its own key which cannot be used to enter other offices.

Master Key Locksmith Near Me

If your company is searching online for a ‘master key locksmith near me’ for your home, office, commercial, industrial or any other Melbourne building, Nonstop Locksmiths are the experts to contact today.

We operate a master key locksmith service and emergency locksmithing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Our professional and dedicated locksmiths are on call 24/7 to service your needs in an emergency. Our reliable, efficient and professional locksmiths ensure that the safety of your business, personal or home security is never compromised.

Security Door Lock Replacement Services

If you need security door locks replaced or installed in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs either in a commercial building, shop, or home, all you need to do is call Nonstop Locksmiths without delay. Our fully licenced,  trained and qualified locksmiths will be dispatched to your location and will arrive quickly, no matter where you’re located in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs.

Our services are available 24/7 to secure your home, shop or commercial/industrial premises. We can rekey locks, carry out security screen door lock replacement, provide window locks and install, cut keys and provide anti-burglar solutions among other services.

Replace Security Screen Door Locks

No matter how durable security screen door locks can be, they will one day reach the end of their working life and inevitably require replacement. At Nonstop Locksmiths, our locksmiths are lock and security experts who provide clients with all the information and recommendations they need to increase both home and commercial security.

If you need to replace security screen door locks at your property, talk to us today for the latest innovative ways of keeping your home and family safe. Nonstop Locksmiths are knowledgeable and experienced and we understand that a door lock replacement service may be needed at any time of the day or night, and we are always on call to assist during these times.

FAQ – Door Locks Replacement

Yes, the purpose of a master key system is to give the business owner key control and to know which end user has a particular issued key. Every key that is allocated to the end user is issue stamped, including master keys, so the business owner or manager will know who has key issue 1, key issue 2, key issue 3 and so on. This ensures the owner knows who has which key.

Yes, Nonstop Locksmiths can change your security screen door locks at any time day or night in an emergency or at your convenience no matter what kind of security screen door or lock you have installed.