Do you follow the news? If so perhaps you have caught the recent news story surrounding scam locksmiths. These regular Joe Blows  have been posing as locksmiths, often without licenses, in order to preform services. Un-uniformed bystanders often turn up with- out proper tools or official vehicle and attempt to fix the lock. Found on websites such as,, the unsuspecting home owner is inviting trouble. Risks to calling these hustlers are multiple, the unaware resident could end up paying six times the regular price or left in the lurch with an incomplete or botched job. To add insult to injury, those using a card on such websites, likely leave that card open to further misuse.

Everyone has been in that situation, locked out or missing keys. That dance on the pavement, while you worry what to do. Look no further, than the best locksmith in Richmond to alleviate any worry. This company offers complete customer satisfaction and happiness with the end result. Fully insured, bonded and licensed tradesmen with NonStop Locksmiths offer a guarantee of service that can be testified through the Locksmith guild Australia. With such esteemed professionals, a lock crisis can be averted in record time.

A complete array of expertise surrounds the company branching into homes, schools, governmental and public properties. A variety of locks like those found in the commercial type property, such as key cards and security locks are also covered by NonStop Locksmiths. Services like burglar alarm resetting, lock replacement and extra keys are part of the Best Locksmith in Richmond handiwork.

An emergency locksmith service is a promise with 24/7 coverage to deal with any lock situation than could arise. Mobile locksmiths are just a dial away and can be at the location with- in minutes. If you find yourself stranded, a comprehensive contact form can be found on the NonStop Locksmith website. A picture can be uploaded, to ensure the problem is solved in the most efficient manner. A compete security assessment can be detailed of your premise to ensure optimum safety. Nonstop Locksmiths can send out a tradesman to you in Richmond to complete this evaluation with beneficial results.

Affordable locksmiths in Richmond can offer competitive rates, with a clear outline of charges. Lock based problems are often an emergency, so Non-stop Locksmiths ensure the customer won’t feel a hit to their pocket once the job is complete. It’s great to know that peace of mind is just around the corner with the best locksmith in Richmond.

If you know someone who has fallen prey to one of the previously mentioned scammers, please be advised to inform the Office of fair trading. At Nonstop Locksmiths, this company can covenant excellent, affordable services that will leave customers with satisfaction. The high customer reviews and testimonies on Non-stop locksmith website are evidence to the high quality services provided in the past. With such an array of experienced professionals, Non-stop locksmiths can ensure that any challenge is quickly dealt with.

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